Free Guide: Entrepreneur Equation-Free 34 Page Chapter

Hi everyone, I thought this guide is quite interesting for entrepreneurs or wannabe entrepreneurs. You can use this guide to make a self-assessment if you have the right equation to be one!

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Entrepreneur Equation–Free 34 Page Chapter

Through illustrative examples and personalized exercises, tell-it-like-it-is Carol Roth helps you create and evaluate your own personal Entrepreneur Equation.

In The Entrepreneur Equation, Carol Roth helps you learn how to stack the odds of success in your favor and ultimately decide if business ownership is the best possible path for you, now or ever.

Carol helps you understand what it takes to build a valuable business as well as how to assess the risks and rewards of business ownership based on your personal circumstances.

As a result, you’ll be able to do the math before you set down the entrepreneurial path so that you not only answer “Could I be an entrepreneur?” but also “Should I be an entrepreneur?”

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